submission policy

Submissions Policy

Who Can Submit:

This is a space for Bryn Mawr students. However, as Mawrtyrs are influenced by Bryn Mawr faculty and staff, as well as members of the Haverford community, we allow a limited number of submissions from faculty, staff and Haverford students. Other community members who can submit include: students in the Tri-Co, alums, faculty and staff, graduate and post-bacc students, prospective students, students who are currently taking time off, and students who major here but are technically attending other colleges. Submissions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What to Submit:

Articles, personal essays, investigative reports, letters to the editor, letters to the community, photographs, drawings/sketches/cartoons, poetry and short works of creative nonfiction, playlists, art reviews (books, movies, music, etc), current events, food recipes, crossword puzzles, quotations, profiles and features of individual(s), polls, chats/screencaps/internet interactions, memes.

Length requirements:

A typical article is between 450-750 words.  If a submission is over 1000 words, we reserve the right to edit severely or not publish it.

Editorial Policy:

We reserve the right to make editorial cuts and changes.

We reserve the right to publish articles on our website.

We reserve the right not to publish articles.

How to Submit:

Submitters should submit media to