wishes 2015

Wishes for Ourselves

I’ve got 99 problems but a wish ain’t one

I get the internship I applied for!

I wish to get funding for my thesis research! JB’16

I wish Mary Oliver would let me work for her

I wish to connect with you

I wish to race hermit crabs next year with my friends

I want to Bryn Marry ND. We’ve been through a lot but I really love you. xo A’17

I really wish I get summer funding from LILAC for Summer 2015 🙂 please!!!

I wish my backpack was less heavy Continue reading wishes 2015

Wishes for Ourselves

I wish the Park Science Building would stop trying to crush my soul.
I wish for a peaceful, non-painful end of life for my dog.
I wish for a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling future.
I wish to do well on the MCAT.
I wish I could go to culinary school.
I wish I were as stylish as Sarah Powers.
I wish Frodo was really a hobbit.
I wish Sanjaya could be back on American
I wish that everything would just work out
every now & then.
I wish that someone would give Andrew
Chiarello a pastrami sandwich.
I wish to FREE Joanna! Continue reading Wishes for Ourselves

Wishes for Ourselves

I wish to never lose touch with the people
here who have made me who I am!
I wish for honors in Chemistry.
I wish Stephen Colbert was single.
I wish I get to go to a drive-in movie.
I wish Kaitlin Menza was a permanent fixture
in my bedroom.
I wish I had a packing fairy to make things
fit in my suitcase.
I wish I didn’t hate exercising.
I wish I inherit money from a long-lost rich
I wish for good grades in order to
I wish for 4 more pages…
Sometimes I wish I could be more honest
with my friends.
I wish Spanish was over NOW. Continue reading Wishes for Ourselves

Editor’s note: Wish 2007

I love sitting at the table with rest of the staff all day, connecting with old friends and making new ones, giving this community the opportunity to hope in a more tangible way than is usually available. I always dreamt that my senior WISH day would be gloriously sunny. The same day in my freshman year set impossible standards: it was warm and beautiful, and it seemed like half the campus came out to cast their wishes. Since then, the weather has not deigned to repeat its kindness—rain forced us inside in the late afternoon both my sophomore and junior years. I had high hopes for my senior WISH, but despite my crossed fingers and sacrifices to Athena, it thundered and poured.
Although I am sure the rain and our not-as-accessible location inside the Campus Center hindered many would-be wishers, we still went back to our office at the end of the day with a box filled with about a thousand colored pieces of paper, containing Bryn Mawr’s trivial, poignant, deep, funny, random wishes.

My WISH for Bryn Mawr is that we—both those staying and those leaving—don’t let setbacks, big and small, get in the way of hoping for a better future and, much more importantly, working towards it. Rain, a tense campus environment, the stress of finals, climate change, and a myriad other things can get us down, but we need to ensure that they don’t keep us down. Look through our pages to see what others care about: may the uncensored, unedited wishes of our peers inspire and motivate you.

On Friday, I sat at the WISH table for the last time. To those of you who will have more opportunities to do so, I ask that come rain or come shine, you keep on WISHin’.